Groundnut also known as peanut is an excellent healthy snack. It can be boiled, roasted or fried. It is used in that production of peanut butter, kuli-kuli, groundnut soups and stews, groundnut oil. Groundnut is an excellent addition to meals for any age category and be can be blended as paste for baby foods. Excellent source of proteins, vitamins and essential minerals like folate, phosphorus, magnesium etc

Here are 6 reasons you should eat it

  1. They contain antioxidants that promotes wound healing, prevent certain cancers and terminal diseases
  2. They promote hair growth, they have anti-aging properties which can promote skin health, prevent wrinkles and skin diseases
  3. They are highly dense and when eaten can promote fullness, hence curb overeating which can aid healthy weight maintenance. A perfect snack for those on weight loss
  4. They help in brain and heart health, they contain Vitamins that prevent heart diseases including cardiac arrest. They aid body tissue repairs and prevent certain cancers. They also help in the formation of good cholesterol in the body because they contain healthy fat
  5. They are one of the highest sources of proteins in the body, hence can help in building muscle mass, bones, tissues. They contain phosphorus,zinc, calcium,sodium, magnesium and phosphorus which play vital roles in healthy bones, prevent inflammation and keep the body healthy
  6. Pregnant women should consume groundnut good amounts of groundnuts because it contains proteins and folate. Folate is a very vital nutrient needed for the development of unborn babies in the womb and also help to prevent birth defects. A perfect snacking option for pregnant women is groundnut, can be eaten with fruits like garden egg, banana, watermelon and apple

Groundnut should be eaten moderately. Some people show allergic reaction to groundnuts and can have breakouts, pimples, acne and some serious reactions. If you are in this category, you may want to thread softly with it.

But regardless, groundnut can do no harm, always a good food choice

Do you eat groundnuts? Any allergies?

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  1. Groundnut is my worst food.
    I do have allergy reactions whenever I consume them.

    It may work perfectly for others which may not have any interference with their health.


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