I have been throwing banters with people who use okro to eat anything other than swallow but honestly okro is one vegetable you need to add to your diet. It is very rich in 1. Vitamin C to boost your immune system and Vitamin K to help in your body’s blood clotting system 2. It is relatively low in calories, hence it is a good option for weight loss 3. Okro contains antioxidants which protect your body against deadly diseases 4. Okro is an excellent diet for pregnant women, rich in folate needed for mother and baby’s health 5. Okro also helps to stabilise and control blood sugar in the body but the problem is that it can interfere with some diabetes drugs and cause sugar spoke, quite dicey. So you need to be careful 6. It is an excellent protection for your heart and brain due to certain antioxidants present But in all, love okro, eat okro and enjoy your okro meal Enjoy not with bread, plantain, rice but with swallow, emphasis on swallow.

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