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Meet Susan Akpomera, a certified diet coach who specializes in weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy meal planning, belly fat reduction, and health and fitness programs. With over 5 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Susan is a leading expert in nutrition and wellness…

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Please read the information below. These three steps below illustrate how to go about benefiting from our services.

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Just above this section, under the “our diet packages” section, locate the diet plan you desire, click on it, and read the description on the “our diet packages” and know what exercises it entails.

Purchase Diet Plan

As soon as you have familiarized yourself with your selection, purchase and instantly be directed to Susan’s personal platfrom to engage your sessions by schedule.

Direct Nutrition Coaching

The coaching involves an active supervision and support to help you on your diet and fitness journey, from start to success.

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Our Happy Clients!

"Hi Susan, your program changed my lifestyle and eating habit. I lost over 20kg within 3 months. I am still maintaining a healthy weight of 57k after 9months. Thanks so much."
Pregnancy Weight-Loss Trainee
Pregnancy Coaching
"I measuredmy stomach today from 42 last week, it's 39 as at today. I am very happy to continue!."
Belly-Fat Reduction Client
Belly-Fat Reduction coaching
"We started our discount classes in April, and at the last week of April, i already felt significantlynlighter, today, i checked my weight and it's reduced from 79.5 to 73.4!"
Weight-Loss Trainee
Weight-Loss Coaching
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