1. It is a rich source of energy due to its carbohydrate content
  2. It is also a good source of dietary fibres which helps bowel emptying, prevents constipation and risk of stomach cancer
  3. Yellow garri reduces risk of having eye problems because of the presence of palm oil in it. Palm oil contains Vitamin A and C
  4. Garri is made from cassava that contains proteins, fat, carbohydrates, iron, vitamin B and C and also starch. Cassava leaves contains calcium, iron, fat and protein


  1. Garri is made from cassava which contains hydrocyanic acids. The Cyanide in garri especially when consumed in large quantities can lead to serious eye defects
  2. Cyanide in garri can worsen stomach ulcer and can lead to intestinal issues
  3. A cup of garri contains 360 calories which is 99% carbohydrates. And overdrinking and consistently taking garri can lead to serious weight gain.
    Those on weight loss should consume garri minimally
  4. Those with diabetes should eat garri with caution because of the burst of energy it supplies and it is strictly carbohydrates. It must be eaten cautiously. Proteins should be added and vegetables when eaten as eba,
    It is advisable never to eat garri alone, add milk, nuts and other proteins
  5. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should reduce garri intake, the cyanide in garri can cause congenital birth defects in babies, pregnancy loss or miscarriage.Overdrinking of garri by pregnant women can cause low birth weight, preterm labor . Cyanide can pass through the placenta membrane and cause death in-utero. Hydrocyanic cause can limb malfunction in babies.
    Breastfeeding mothers should also drink garri with caution because cyanide can pass through breast milk and can cause brain damage in babies. If you must drink garri, drink yellow garri due to its less cyanide, add plenty milk and fish too. Drinking garri can never be everyday

Garri doesn’t supply all the needed and essential nutrients when eaten alone and due to its high hydrocyanic acid content….. It is never a good choice of meal to be eaten everyday and all the time. And also not a meal good for daily consumption for children
Garri should be eaten with moderation and caution

Do you drink garri and how often?

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