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Banga soup is a popularly eaten soup in Nigeria and Ghana(Palm nut soup). It is eaten with starch, eba, semolina, fufu, and rice. Due to the natural way, this soup is cooked, it has less trans fat than already processed palm oil

Banga soup is rich in Vitamin A, E, and K
Vitamin A in Banga helps with good vision and eyesight. Banga keeps the heart in good shape and prevents heart disease. It helps to strengthen brand es, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, it also helps to nourish the hair and the skin by keeping them moisturized. It also contains magnesium which helps with blood pressure and blood sugar regulation.

Vitamin E in Banga contains antioxidants that protect brain cells from degenerating, it also prevents cancer formation. Vitamin K in Banga helps with proper blood clotting and prevents heart diseases. Have you ever wondered why eating banga soup is relaxing? The magnesium in Banga helps with muscle and nerve relaxation. Premenstrual syndromes like weight gain, bloating, and aches in women can be controlled with banga soup because of the Vitamin B6 present

Banga eaten in moderation by the elderly can help them prevent diabetes, heart disease, and bone degeneration. Banga soup is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers because of its excellent nutritional benefits

Health concerns

  1. Banga soup is very high in calories and may not be a weight-loss option
  2. Banga soup becomes unhealthy only when not cooked properly, with excessive use of spices

Whatever you choose to eat the soup with- starch, eba, wheat, demo, fufu is your choice and preference, just ensure you eat it moderately.

Aside from this, it doesn’t cause cholesterol issues and it is an excellent soup choice. Banga soup is one of my favorite soup choicesūüėč and I will recommend it to you also.

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