Sea foods are any form of sea life that is edible for human consumption and will not pose any health issues. Examples of this seafood include Crayfish, prawns, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, bony fishes like salmon, tuna, tilapia, catfish, snails, oysters, periwinkles, shellfish, scallops, etc

Sea foods are a very vital part of animal protein needed in and by the body. They are very high in essential nutrients which include omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins A and B. These seafood help to promote heart, and brain health and they can boost your immune system

Sea foods are very high in Vitamin A and Omega-3 acid which promotes good eyesight and prevents eye diseases. Omega-3 acid in sea foods also helps brain health and prevents brain function decline, especially for older people, it also helps to keep the heart healthy. Ensure to include fish in your food choice, especially because of your heart.

Omega-3 acid which is a major constituent of sea foods has antiinflammatory effects for people who have joint pain, they can also help to keep your skin healthy, protect it from ultraviolet rays, and then keep your hair healthy. Sea foods are very high in proteins necessary for bodybuilding and tissue repair

Seafood is very easy to digest, has low cholesterol levels


  1. Some of this seafood is exposed to chemical contamination which can be digested into your body systems. These chemicals include mercury. Eat Tuna, King mackerel, swordfish, and sharks with caution because they can have heavy mercury contamination which can have some adverse effects on women
  2. Sea water can be contaminated sometimes by how people dump dirt, other water pollutants like crude oil deposits from industries, and even feaces inside water which can contaminate the water eating seafood from such environments can become real-time food positioning which can pose different health hazards on the body
  3. Some people eat seafood raw or undercooked like sashimi, sushi, and some barbecue joints, and harmful microorganisms and parasites from these can infest the human body causing intestinal problems, allergic reactions, stomach upset, and diarrhea. children, People with liver problems, immunocompromised body systems, and elderly people can be on the receiving end of this. Cook your seafood properly, never eat them raw… Never.

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