Heavy meals can disturb sleep because they tax your digestive system which can be slow when you sleep. Hence can lead to heartburn and indigestion which can interrupt your sleep. It is always better to eat 1-2hours before bedtime and when it is a heavy meal, eat 4 hours before bedtime
Limit high-fat and spicy food. It can cause weight gain and interrupt sleep cycles because it can lead to frequent use of the toilet at night
Reduce caffeine at night. Coffee, teas, and chocolates can disrupt your sleep. Cut all caffeine 4-6hours before bedtime else you will struggle to sleep and excessive use of caffeine can lead to insomnia(a persistent problem falling and staying asleep)
Alcohol can help you sleep faster but you can’t sleep well. It disturbs sleep by waking and turning, night sweats and nightmares, and even headaches. It is always advisable to take a glass of water to dilute each glass of alcoholic drink you take. It is best to avoid alcohol 4-6hours before bedtime
Drinking enough water during the day is very good for the body but you must reduce water intake at night especially before bedtime else you won’t sleep well from waking up every time to use the bathroom. Drink a little at night
Avoid smoking-Nicotine is a stimulant found in cigarettes that has a similar effect to caffeine which can badly affect sleep and interfere with brain function
Sleep is vital and the right habits are key to enjoying sleep too. Take your sleep time seriously especially for your brain and for your heart which can easily shut down if you don’t sleep well or stay away from sleep for very long.

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