Alcohol and energy drinks are silent killers of the body, especially with the high amount of sugar they pump into your system, they can cause fat accumulation around vital organs especially in the stomach and abdominal region hence why most people who drink have potbellies.
What you don’t know is that gradually the liver and kidneys begin to deplete in their function, your body metabolism begins to slow down and right under your nose…. Kidney failure, diabetes, liver failure. Cautiously or totally avoid these drinks.
You may be raising nose of “na lie, na lie, how many people has alcohol affected?”
I have worked in the hospital for years, diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver clinic have the most patients, people won’t tell you what they are treating.
Just don’t deceive yourself that you are in your 20s that’s why nothing can happen, you wil be 40 some day, what will be the state of your health then? You will determine it now.
Right now you are cruising with alcohol and inhaling smoke from sisha, all these youthful exuberance has its own effect that will be waiting for you later. Stop now before you damage your body
Kidney is very expensive, so safeguard your own.

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