3 Reasons why you are always hungry at night

3 reasons you are always hungry at night
1. You don’t eat enough during the day. Your one slice of bread for breakfast, groundnut and boile for lunch won’t help your body stay satisfied. You won’t sleep at night, trust me on this because you will be hungry
Not eating enough during the day would affect your body, will keep depleting your body fuel and would always cause midnight hunger
2. A bad dietary habit that you have gotten used to
Some people will not sleep if they don’t eat after dinner, that garri, that bread, that tea, that cornflakes, that chocolate must go down after dinner
It has become an emotional thing, they believe they are not satisfied. You actually are, you have only gotten used to eating again. You have become an emotional eater
3. You are not drinking enough water
The brain has a way of confusing dehydration with hunger, sometimes it is that you need water not food. If you stick to the 2-3Litres of water daily, trust me you be feeling hungry because you are already full from hydration. When you feel hungry after dinner, drink water and grab a fruit bite like watermelon, apple, and cucumber. These are water soluble fruits that will keep you full
If you do these 3 things, you will stop turning semo by 11pm after eating dinner. It is important to stop eating 2 hours before bedtime

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