Do you eat ponmo? Let’s have a good read

Health benefits of ponmo

  1. Ponmo is a low-calorie food and very important for weight loss. Its calorie content is low compared to normal beef and cholesterol is low. A safe kind of meat. Ponmo helps in Weight loss doesn’t automatically mean eating ponmo will. make you lose weight. Weight loss is an interplay of many things. A meat choice that will help in providing calorie deficit compared to another kind of meat is pomo
    Yet it should be eaten moderately
  2. Ponmo contains very little protein. It has more protein when it is eaten attached to meat muscle. Ponmo contains collagen fibers. Ponmo protein doesn’t contain all the necessary essential amino acids compared to beef. Beef. Contains all the essential amino acids
  3. Ponmo is a low-fat food that helps to reduce the risk of cancer and heart conditions
  4. Ponmo has dietary fibers. Dietary fibers at those nutrients that are not digested by gastrointestinal enzymes yet they play vital roles. They help a lot in your digestive health. It helps to keep you full for longer, helps to improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and can prevent some diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and bowel cancer
  5. Ponmo contains calcium necessary to maintain strong bones and teeth
  6. Ponmo contains zinc which is necessary for the activities of over 300 enzymes that aid in metabolism, digestion, nerve function, and many other processes. Zinc is also important in the development of male sex organs. Males with zinc deficiency have been shown to have less developed testes and reduced sperm count. Zinc helps in the production of key sex hormones like testosterone and prolactin. A 100g ponmo contains 6.79mg of zinc.

Please note:

  1. The health benefits of ponmo are fully maximized when combined with other sources of animal protein
  2. Wash ponmo well, at least 3-4 times. Boil raw ponmo directly from the cow for at least 1 hour and with the already processed ponmo, you can either boil or stew directly for at least 30 minutes.

Health Concerns
There have been a series of ponmo contamination from:

  1. The Production Process of making ponmo which includes roasting with flames. Some people use plastics, firewood, tires, kerosene, engine oil, and other petrochemicals which are very harmful and detrimental to the body.
  2. The skin of animals can be a hiding place for parasites, lesion diseases, and chemical substances given to the animals like drugs, and also microorganisms can also hide in the cow skin
  3. Some of the environments where these animals are raised and killed are dirty, full of flies, and unkempt, some harbor microorganisms too which makes ponmo so dirty and unhealthy
  4. Some people soak ponmo with all manner of chemicals to make them shrink, some to make them last for a long time, etc. The chemicals used can pose a health danger to consumers.
  5. The animals used can be sick before they are killed. And that can also bring im pathogens into the human body
  6. Eating infected ponmo can lead to deadly infections, chronic and terminal diseases, food poisoning

Ponmo can be boiled, fried, dried, grilled, stewed, or peppered馃お

With all you have read, how do you intend to eat ponmo healthily?


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