Yoghurt and Ice cream are not the same. Yoghurt is thick, creamy,sour taste milk. It is advisable to take plain yoghurts that are bland and without artificial sugars like greek yogurt etc. Most of the yoghurts with artificial sugars includes like hollandia, ice-cream etc which is not advisable to be taken daily . Most people don’t like plain yogurt because of its sour tasteūüėÉ
Plain yogurt is very high in protein necessary for muscle building, calcium for strong bones and teeth,Vitamin B6 and B12 necessary for heart health and other vital nutrients needed by the body. It also contains gut bacteria (probiotics) important for your digestive health. Probiotics also help to boost your immune system, helping it prevent and fight diseases and infections
People with lactose intolerance and milk allergy should be careful with yoghurt inorder to prevent a reaction. Remember plain yogurt is the ideal choice, any yoghurt with artificial sugars should be consumed moderately.
Plain yogurt is not ice cream and it is not hollandia….. There is a difference
Do you drink yoghurt?

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